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OTAGO Char-briquettes

Through its franchisees, OTAGO manufactures 3 distinct products/types of char-briquettes. They are made from recycled biomass wastes, such as coconut shells, and can burn longer than traditional wood charcoal, with no sparks, no smell and no smoke.
Their hexagonal shape with centre hole provides better heating properties compared with traditional charcoal, and is perfectly adapted to cookstoves and barbecues. With OTAGO’s char-briquettes, you can enjoy a standardized and high-quality charcoal for your cooking or heating needs all year.
– Premium char-briquettes (mix of coconut shells charcoal and wood char residues)
– Diamond char-briquettes (100% coconut shells charcoal)
– Bamboo char-briquettes (100% bamboo charcoal)



OTAGO’s char-briquettes are of the highest quality and comply indeed with the international standard EU NF 1860 – 2. Strict quality control is applied at each and every step of the process, and all products undergo independent laboratory analysis.



OTAGO’s branding is innovative and customized for the local markets.