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The Problem

Reliance on wood fuel and forest degradation

Biomass energy such as fire wood and charcoal is still the main cooking fuel in most developing countries worldwide. Wood fuel collection and charcoal production are a cause of illegal logging that can lead to severe forest degradation and deforestation.



Health risks

Nearly 3 billion people rely on open fires and traditional stoves to cook their food. These stoves emit massive amount of air pollution inside homes. More than 3.5 million deaths per year are attributable to household air pollution impacting mainly women and children.


OTAGO’s Solution

OTAGO through its subsidiary KGC has performed extensive research and developed in-depth knowledge related to the production of extremely high quality char-briquettes, which produce less smoke, less sparks and last longer than traditional charcoal.

Using OTAGO’s char-briquettes instead of the traditional charcoal:
• Saves forests from illegal logging,
• Reduces CO2 emissions,
• Improves end-users health

SDG 7 – Affordable and Clean energy, SDG 13 – Climate action
In 2017 OTAGO’s franchisees has saved about 18,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

So far, OTAGO’s franchisees have saved a forest area in Cambodia equivalent to 400 football fields!
1 hectare every 3 days!

SDG 3 – Good health and well-being
OTAGO-standard product doesn’t make sparks and smoke, which results in a safer and healthier fuel for our end-users (generally women). Today, OTAGO’s franchising monthly production reaches an equivalent of 6,500 households.

SDG 8 – Decent work and economic growth
OTAGO and its subsidiaries, inspired by European Working Standards, ensures a fair and safe working conditions

SDG – 4 Quality education
In Cambodia KGC is facilitating the schooling of its employees’ children through the collaboration of a local NGO.



Lin Hai

Restaurant Owner

OTAGO’s char-briquettes user for 5 years

What makes the OTAGO’s product better to use for you?

OTAGO’s eco char-briquettes come as nice compact pieces of charcoal. I like them because they don’t make sparks, and last longer than traditional charcoal.

Can you tell us why it is convenient for your business?

For instance, when I cook the cha tropsactchruk (traditional Khmer pork), I put only 2 or 3 pieces and that’s enough! Now I use only OTAGO’s char-briquettes because, at the end of the month, I can save a lot of money. What I like also is that because of the little smoke, it doesn’t leave stains on my pans, my kitchen is clean and the air is fresh. Also my food tastes good and doesn’t smell of smoke. Then, it is also good for the environment.





Srey Hong

Production worker

OTAGO’s employee in Cambodia for 8 years

How did you end up working for OTAGO?

Before working for OTAGO my husband and I were waste-pickers and our life was really difficult. We were full of debts and we required our daughter to help us collecting plastic and metal in the dumpsite. 8 years ago my husband went to jail and alone I had to take care of her.

One day, my neighbor told me about OTAGO so I went there asking for a job. Since then, I work as a production worker and our life is much better. I have a stable salary, insurance and I can ask OTAGO for credit. Today I live in a bigger house with running water, electricity and my older daughter is getting graduated next year. I am sure she will have a better future.